Dave Delaney. Speaker on business networking using online and offline tools and technqiues to grow and nurture your profesisonal networking.

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Dave Delaney is the chief connector at Networking For Nice People. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker on the topics of business networking and social media marketing. His presentations are humorous, educational and engaging for events of all sizes. Dave has provided keynote presentations for companies, conferences, and organizations like Google, LinkedIn, UPS Store, American Marketing Association, SXSW Interactive, Hubspot's Inbound, HealthStream, and HCA.

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Dave Delaney. Keynote speaker on networking, improv, and digital marketing.

Networking For Nice People

Dave's popular keynote presentation is based on his book, New Business Networking. It includes humorous and inspiring stories to encourage your audience to make new connections during your conference or event. Dave provides attendees with the skills they need to break the ice, remember names, and how to listen effectively. He includes tips for hosting events, and how to use social media to connect before, during, and after your conference.


When your attendees are networking they have better experiences. Dave will help bring them out of their shells, encourage them to make new connections, and follow-up the right way after your conference.

New relationships born during your conference will always be attributed to you. Happy conference goers become loyal attendees who return each year and tell their friends and colleagues. Networking effectively is a win-win for everyone involved. Dave will teach them how and have fun doing it.


"Dave blew me away (as well as the audience). His engaging personality and ability to connect with his listeners made him an amazing speaker.” 

- Renee McAllister, LinkedIn Inc.

"Dave exceeded our expectations… Being a business owner, he was able to empathize with the audience and offer them real tips and advice they can use. His speech was authentic, informative and very well received by our audience."

- Nicole (Belt) Cox, The UPS Store.


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Other Presentations Include:

The Master Communicator’s Secret Weapon - Dave Delaney will share three key skills that you can use each day to improve your communication with colleagues, clients, friends, and family. You will learn to listen better, not to fear failure, and to accept opportunities with an empathetic, open-mind. Take what you learn and apply it to your work. Learn more.

The Worst LinkedIn Profile In The World - This hilariously informative presentation introduces the fictitious, Jerry Larry. Jerry has made every mistake you can possibly make on LinkedIn. Dave will walk you through each error to entertain and educate your audience on the best ways to improve their LinkedIn profiles. Learn common mistakes and lesser known blunders you could be doing right now. Dave will leave the audience scrambling to check their LinkedIn profiles (and some quickly updating theirs too).

2,500 Miles of Content Marketing - In 2009, Dave embarked on a 2,500 mile road trip in a restored VW bus from Nashville to Las Vegas. The journey included customer meet-ups, media exposure, social media content, and enough photos, videos, and ideas to promote his company, increase brand awareness, and improve customer relationships. 

More Dave Delaney Testimonials and Recommendations

Dave Delaney did a wonderful job of presenting networking and LinkedIn usage best practices to our employees. He was easy to work with from concept to delivery and our learners appreciated his easy-to-understand delivery style. If you are looking for someone to share expertise in this era of digital networking and marketing, Dave would be a great person to engage with.

Stephanie Bowman, Director of Organizational Development at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

Yes, he is a great speaker, and keeps the audience engaged. 
Yes, he is a fount of practical knowledge. 
Yes, he is great to work with. 

But in the year since his talk, let me tell you some other things. 

I've sat back and watched, and he truly lives and breathes what he preaches. He *IS* that good at networking, he *IS* on the money with his recommendations about building relationships. And he has shown the ability to take those lessons across many different realms, from seminars to books to podcasts. That is the true test of one who has mastered a skillset. He has mastered it, and knows how to evangelize it to a full team or organization. 

If you get a chance to work with Dave, you won't forget it. And true to his mantra, he won't forget you.

Isaac Pigott, Public Relations Society of America, PRSA Alabama

As the VP of Programming for IABC Nashville, I found Dave via an online search and hired him to present at our professional development luncheon. He spoke on the topic of effectively using LinkedIn. He was very easy to work with prior to and at the event. He was prompt and ready to get to work when he arrived. He was very personable to our guests and provided great insight that resonated with the group. His delivery was professional, yet not stuffy or overly formal. He infused the perfect amount of humor to create a comfortable atmosphere for learning and quickly built rapport and credibility throughout his presentation. I received several positive comments about him and the subject he covered with our group. I would recommend him to present/train on any topic related to social media, digital marketing or business networking.

Jennifer McGoldrick Fuqua, International Association of Business Communicators | IABC

Dave Delaney was the speaker for a career event held by the Department of Management and Marketing in the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University. Dave spoke on the importance of building a professional network. He captivated an audience of more than 150 students for 45 minutes with networking tips as well as providing info on numerous resources (e.g., apps and websites) that students should check out and consider using. 

Dave’s presentation style was very engaging, using a nice blend of visuals, humor, and examples to which the audience could relate. Another observation of his presentation shared with me by a colleague was that Dave included several calls to action for the audience in his presentation. He did not simply lecture or talk about networking; he challenged the audience to use the techniques he presented. 

Perhaps the most telling indicator of the impact of Dave Delaney’s presentation on our students was the post-event feedback. Faculty heard several positive comments from students in attendance. Also, a student who I did not know stopped me in the hallway the next day (she recognized me from introducing Dave before he spoke). She told me how much she enjoyed Dave’s presentation. Dave’s expertise coupled with delivery style makes him an effective speaker. We would love to have him return to speak to our students in the future. 

Don Roy, Marketing Professor, MTSU

Dave Delaney spoke at Tweetstock8 and did an absolutely amazing job. He had us engaged in his story, nodding our heads in affinity, smiling and laughing, and before we knew it we were learning something without even knowing it was happening, without even trying. That’s how good a speaker Dave is. 

Dave’s presentation on networking is him taking Canadian/Southern hospitality to another level, it’s his version of lending a helping hand to a neighbour, it comes naturally to him. 

He’s able to present cutting edge ideas in a way that’s as laid back and comfortable as having a cup of coffee. And I should know because I took Dave’s coffee challenge and had three coffees with people I met at Tweetstock......and as a result I’ve booked a gig.

So read his book and bring him in to speak at your next event. I promise you’ll like him instantly.

Trevor Cherewka, Tweetstock Conference

Dave delivered! He spoke at Belmont University in Nashville this week and the students are still talking about it. The room was filled to capacity - some students had to sit on the floor. He was engaging and authentic; held the attention of 150+ college business students for almost an hour. The students also enjoyed interacting during the Q&A. I highly recommend Dave as an expert speaker on business networking. He would also be a fantastic workshop presenter on the subject. In my position running the nationally recognized Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont University, part of my role is to bring innovative speakers to campus. Feel free to contact me if you need more info. I definitely plan to hire Dave again... He really did rock the place

Lisa Byrd, Professor, Belmont University

Dave delivered a strong and relevant presentation to our leadership group. His material on the importance of networking was clear, entertaining, and full of valuable take-aways. We received many positive comments from our members, who were eager to put his tips into practice.

Allison Burners, Rutherford Cable

I work in public relations for The UPS Store and we recently approached Dave Delaney to speak at an event for small business owners. He exceeded our expectations. Dave tapped into many common pain points facing SBOs today - lack of time/resources and keeping up with the rapid pace of change, especially in technology. Being a business owner, he was able to empathize with the audience and offer them real tips and advice they can use. His speech was authentic, informative and very well received by our audience. 

Nicole Cox, Public Relations Supervisor at The UPS Store

We asked Dave to come and speak to a group of law firms (about 10) on the topic of blogging and social media. He did a great job, provided us with a ton of insight and action items. The group thought he was very informative and helpful, and would definitely have him back in the future. Would highly recommend him as a speaker, coach, consultant in social media and blog content.

Chad Dudley, Dudley DeBosier Law

Dave gave a networking talk to a convocation of two cohorts of aspiring software engineers/web developers at Nashville Software School. Dave did a great job of helping our students understand the importance of building their network and relationships in the various communities they participate in. Dave's an engaging speaker who is clearly knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable so he's easy for a group to listen to and connect with. For our students one of the important things that Dave did was not only talk at a conceptual and strategy level about the importance of networking but also talk about specific actions that they could immediately take to start to build and extend their networks. Also, the actions Dave recommended were a balanced mix that combined leveraging social networks and digital resources such as Linkedin but also old-fashioned in-person connecting with people. We think so much of Dave's advice that we gave each of our students a copy of Dave's book for their future reference. I'd highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a great event or seminar speaker.

John Wark, Co-Founder and Head Wrangler at Nashville Software School

Dave spoke at our LinkedIn Live event. Dave blew me away. (as well as the audience) His engaging personality and ability to connect with his listeners makes him an amazing speaker. Dave drove attendees to connect with one another and drove further engagement of our members. On top of being an amazing and connected speaker, he is an amazing individual. I looked to him to be a speaker for our webinar series and he supported my efforts with no ask in return. I would encourage individuals and groups to reach out to Dave to have him speak at an event. You won't be sorry! 

Renee McAllister, Marketing, LinkedIn.

Dave spoke to over 1,200 college students at the 36th annual American Marketing Association's International Collegiate Conference. Keeping the attention of college students is a very hard task -- let alone keeping the attention of 1,200 students. However, Dave did just that. His talk on "Your Network is More Important Than Your Resume" was perfect for the audience. Clearly, Dave is an expert in his field and was a great asset to our students at the conference. I recommend him for other speaking events!

Tim Birrittella, American Marketing Association

Dave did a fantastic job speaking at the NTC's LinkedIn Live event. His insights on how to use LinkedIn to network, grow your brand and drive results were perfect for the audience and attendees. His investment in starting events over the last 10 years makes him a true leader to the Nashville creative community.

Bryan Huddleston, President and CEO of Nashville Technology Council

Dave is not only extremely knowledgeable, he is engaging and passionate about helping people get to the next level in their life

As a speaker, Dave captured an entire audience for over an hour, a feat that isn't easy by any stretch. His humour, combined with both theory and tactics and friendly personality makes him a must-have to start out the morning of any conference or event. 

Highly recommended. What are you waiting for? Fly him out :)

Scott Oldford, Limitless Business Day Conference

Dave is exactly the kind of guy you want at a conference. As a conference organizer my job was to find and recruit top tier talent that would make the event a success. Dave came to BOLO prepped and ready to rock...and rock he did. He was rated as one of our very top presenters. The attendees were buzzing after his session. I can't thank him enough for the actionable advice and his fantastic energy before, during, and after the conference. 

Tyler Farnsworth, Marketing, BOLO Conference

Dave spoke on "Networking Techniques for the Digital Age" for the Association of Talent Development in Nashville. There were 50 or so people in the audience. He received an extremely enthusiastic response, both in person and on the surveys that we distributed after the event. The most common themes mentioned in the feedback were - 

• His in-depth knowledge & unique insight on ways that technology can be used to form strong professional connections with the right people. 

• His ability to discuss this subject with an audience that contained a wide range of interests & abilities regarding technology & communication tools. 

• His sincere, honest approach to forming those connections (i.e "Don't connect with everyone, just connect with people when it make sense to do so...and see if you can help them before you focus on how they may be able to help you) 

I would love to have him back or see him speak at another event! 

Mathew Laughlin, Association of Talent Development.

It was so great to work with Dave for MoSo. Our attendees had wonderful things to say about Dave's session and it was great to see him stick around and enjoy the rest of MoSo. We would definitely be keen to invite him to speak again in the future!

Desaree Weeres, MOSO Conference

Dave Delaney is genuinely a nice guy who is passionate about his community and has a vast knowledge of digital marketing. As the Programming Chair for NAMA (Nashville American Marketing Association), when it came time to choose speakers for a panel discussion on success stories in Nashville, Dave came right to mind. He is an expert on social strategy and an early adapter on all things technology. His speaking skills are superb and he is a pleasure to work with.

Courtney Rogers, Nashville American Marketing Association

Dave proved to be a great resource of knowledge on business networking, and our conference attendees were pleased with all of the information they took away from his sessions.

Kayla Clarborne Counts, TN Valley Authority Economic Development

Dave gave a lunch presentation to our professional organization and he was well received. Our group very much enjoyed his presentation. They found it to be engaging and helpful. I recommend him for educating others on the value of networking.

Janet Payne Walker, Public Relations Society of America

I have spoken at an event Dave helped organize and I recruited Dave as a speaker for a professional marketing organization where I served on the board. On both sides of that speaker-organizer interaction, I found Dave to be a consummate professional. There are many business speakers who talk through theories, case studies, and 3rd party observation. Dave is not one of those speakers. He practices what he preaches and that makes his message that much more effective

I have followed Dave’s exploits through social media for several years. He understands community building in marketing and how to engage people both IRL and online. Most importantly, he’s genuine and he’s a good guy. It’s hard to find people like that.

Chris Houchens

Dave Delaney has spoken at both of our Customer Conferences and they have loved him every time. His vast knowledge of social media has given our customers invaluable information that they can take and apply to their businesses immediately. His presentations are full of information, funny, and interesting. Dave is your passionate social media expert that will always make you want more information on the topic. If you need a social media speaker for your next event, Dave is your perfect candidate. You will love him!

Lorena Cora, Interlogix Partners Summit

Dave was the featured speaker at our Executive Networking Forum at the Nashville City Club and gave us all some great takeaways for our businesses. Dave's in-depth knowledge about all things online - including content marketing, SEO, Twitter and E-mail marketing - was obvious. His relaxed conversational style and effective presentation skills made the time fly by. Can't wait to hear him again!

Steve Minucci, Executive Networking Forum at City Club

We've invited Dave several times to speak to the technology and communications community at Vanderbilt University and it's always like money in the bank. I know when Dave speaks I'll learn quite a bit, I'll laugh even more, and I'll walk away re-energized about my work. Dave deftly weaves personal stories, professional examples and a very healthy dose of common sense into presentations that never fail to engage, educate, enlighten and entertain his audience. His genuine interest in and building community has had a significant impact on Nashville. Invite him as a speaker and he'll leave as a friend.

Melanie Moran, Vanderbilt University

Dave is an engaging and creative social media entrepreneur. He has the ability to capture the attention of an audience, or a client, and involve them in the process in such a way that it is fun and educational. 

Dave is a practitioner as well as an innovator of social media marketing strategy. His creativity and drive to devise and execute original, thought-provoking, and compulsive-attention-grabbing marketing campaigns are skills few can match. I follow Dave on Twitter, Facebook, and read his blog regularly, just to see what he is going to come up with next!

Dawne Davis, Bob Parks Reality

Dave spoke at TANS Annual Conference about recruitment branding. He did a wonderful job of relating real world branding examples to the world of talent attraction, bringing in a ton of data. Great job and thanks for presenting!

Matt Lowney, Talent Acquisition Networking Source

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