The Club

Networking For Nice People is a private Facebook community of like-minded people who wish to learn networking best practices and to support and promote one another. Join today for just $30 per month.

Each week, Dave shares tips and advice on improving your networking efforts both online (using social media and content) and offline (attending events). Each month has a unique theme based on  topics to help guide you on improving your networking results. The club is for dedicated, nice people who wish to improve their careers, change jobs, start and grow businesses, and meet new people. 

Why you should join us:

  • Connect with a discreet and professional group of talented, giving people.
  • Participate in Facebook Live chats with Dave twice a month.
  • Get teamed up with an accountability partner.
  • Share weekly goals and encouragement to meet those goals.
  • Provide your ideas, ask questions and get honest feedback.
  • Submit your blog or site to be reviewed by the group. 
  • Participate in Friday Shout Outs when we promote each other’s work (such as blog posts, podcasts, books, and social updates).
  • Members refer each other for business and employment opportunities.
  • Receive exclusive discounts to products and services. 

Join today for just $30 per month.