Hi, I'm Dave Delaney

Photo by Kris Krug.

Photo by Kris Krug.

I'm a keynote speaker on business networking and social media, a digital marketing consultant, and the author of New Business Networking, a book all about improving your professional networking online and offline.

I co-founded two annual conferences, created two monthly networking events, and I love to help and connect people. I also love to perform improv comedy. I even teach businesses how they can use it in the workplace to improve communication and company culture. 

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my awesome wife, Heather, and kick-ass kids, Ella and Sam. If you ever hear me use the words, "y'all" and "eh?" in the same sentence it is because I'm Canadian. Toronto is my hometown, it's not called "The6" no matter what Drake says (sorry, that's just how I feel about it. :) 

I created Networking For Nice People because I am fed up with spammy, pushy people who think they can sell you things seconds after meeting you. I bet you feel this way too, right? Networking is about helping others first. It's about growing and nurturing relationships. That's why we are here together.

Do you want to improve your business or grow your career? Get better at networking. Check out our networking articles, resources, and talk to me about speaking at your conference or company event. Let's do this!