What If You Lose Your Address Book?

How to export your linkedin connections and facebook friends

Back before this whole internet fad, we relied on physical address books or a Rolodex of business cards from the people we met. I remember being at a friend's house when his father had realized he had lost his address book on the subway. He was flustered, angry and clearly stressed out. In a matter of minutes, he had lost the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all of his contacts. 

Today we are lucky to have social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook to manage our contacts, but what would happen if we suddenly got locked out or hacked? 

We don't own the lists of friends and connections on the social networks we use. This is why we must protect our contacts' information as diligently as Black Panther protects Wakanda. 

The following are the steps you should take to export your LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends. Repeat these steps based on how frequently you add new contacts on either social network. 

How to export LinkedIn connections

  • Log into LinkedIn.
  • Me
  • Settings & Privacy
  • Privacy
  • Download your data
  • Choose from downloading “The Works” or specific items. In this case, “Connections”.

How to export Facebook friends

What next?

I recommend you encrypt this information to protect it. Don't leave these files to collect virtual dust. Open them up from time to time and select a few people to reach out to. Follow David Burkus' advice to reach out to dormant ties. Who could you provide an introduction to? Find ways to serve these people who have kindly accepted your connection requests over the years.

Thank you for sharing.

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