The Worst Thing You Can Do on LinkedIn

Somebody somewhere is giving really terrible advice on how to use LinkedIn for business. As a general rule, I typically won't accept connection requests from people I don't know unless they send a personal (non-default) note. I've written about how to get your LinkedIn connection requests accepted here before.

I was recently reminded why I don't accept these requests. Two different people sent me requests who had shared mutual connections. These connections are people I admire, so I decided to accept their requests. 

Within minutes after connecting with each person, I received two strikingly similar InMail messages. 

The worst thing you can do on LinkedIn
  • They opened asking me how I am. I got the feeling that's not why they were writing me.
  • The next paragraph began by explaining what their business does. I didn't recall asking them.
  • They both had a $30/hour rate. The same low rate? Hmmm.
  • They each included a list of five sample URLs. I didn't bother clicking any. 

Similarities in the messages aside, the worst thing you can do is blatantly pitch your business to a stranger minutes after meeting them. We haven't even had a first date and they already want to go all the way! Geesh!

Imagine you are at a networking event and someone introduces himself to you. You smile and shake his hand and before you ask what brings him to the event, he tries to sell you web development services (or anything else for that matter).

Naturally, I removed each new connection and muted their spammy messages to me. Has this ever happened to you on LinkedIn?

Thank you for sharing.

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