The Top Ten Most Promising Jobs and Skills of 2018

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It's time to spruce up your LinkedIn Skills

Are you looking for a new job this year? LinkedIn has put together a report that is worth reviewing. The company studied industry and employment trends and revealed the most promising jobs and in-demand skills. Even if you aren’t seeking a job, you should consider adding the appropriate skills to your LinkedIn profile to be sure you are found when people are searching.

LinkedIn surveyed 2,000 business leaders who told them that the soft skills most in-demand are leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management. In fact, 57% said these soft skills are more important than hard skills.

Customer service is also paramount because of how quickly the technology industry is growing. Skills like customer service, marketing, and sales are important. LinkedIn also shared how crucial it is to have your technical skills up to date since technology is here to stay.

LinkedIn provided a top ten list of the most promising jobs and the top skills associated with each position. They are:

1.     Engagement Lead. Skills: Management, Leadership, Project Management, Strategy, Communication

2.     Software Engineering Manager. Skills: Software Development, Agile Methodologies, Management, Java, SQL

3.     Customer Success Manager. Skills: Management, Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Customer Relationship Management

4.     Solutions Architect. Skills: Management, Integration, Solution Architecture, Design, Project Management

5.     Sales Director. Skills: Sales, Management, Business Development, Account Management, Marketing

6.     Engineering Manager. Skills: Engineering, Project Management, Management, Manufacturing, Design

7.     Program Manager. Skills: Management, Project Management, Program Management, Leadership, Training

8.     Product Manager. Skills: Management, Product Management, Program Management, Marketing, Product Development

9.     Data Scientist. Skills: Python, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, SQL, Statistics

10.  Enterprise Account Manager. Skills: Sales, Management, Account Management, Solution Selling, Business Development

Your LinkedIn Skills That Pay The Bills

Review and update your LinkedIn Skills

Did you know LinkedIn pulls your skills into proposed endorsements for your connections to endorse you for? This is another key reason why you should ensure your skills section is up to date.

Once you have logged into LinkedIn, visit: to be sure your profile is up to date. You can add up to fifty skills for your profile, but note only your top three will appear on your public profile. You should also consider removing less relevant skills with low endorsement scores.

While you are reviewing your skills, consider reaching out to those who have endorsed you for each one. Just click on the skill to reveal the names of each person. Now would be a good time to reconnect and learn of opportunities for you to help your connections. Who knows, perhaps they can help you too.

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