The Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

I must admit, I was a little flabbergasted to discover that it suddenly turned into August. 

School begins again this time of year in the south, which means summer is kind of over. Yes, it's still hotter than a jalapeño's armpit in Tennessee (especially for this Canadian lad living here). But when your better half works for the school system and your kids are both students, the freedom and fun of summer definitely winds down as they all head back to school.

When a season ends it's time to assess things. So I did what any digital marketing professional (nerd) would do and dipped into my analytics to see what's happening on Networking For Nice People. 

We have published forty blog posts since we launched in January. Here are ten of the most popular articles you might have missed. Keep reading because there's something at the end of this post for you. 

The 10 Most Popular Networking Articles (Summer 2017 edition)

10. Elevator Pitches Are Pointless What's Your Hook?

9. How to Make Proper Email Introductions

8. Looking For a Job Start a Company

7. The No-Agenda Coffee

6. How an Introvert Can Network Without Going Crazy

5. Must Know Body Language Tips

4. Real Artists Don't Starve

3. How to Find People to Connect With

2. The Body Language Key to Improving Your Networking Game

1. The Secret to a Successful Career

So there you have it, the top ten most popular posts about networking. And now for the other part...

I have reduced the price to join our private Facebook group from $30 each month to just $20. Join us in August to save $10 each month. Use that $10 to buy someone a cup of coffee or send a Thank You card. Join today to save.

Drop over to take a look. If you join and decide our group isn't for you, you can cancel at any time. I hope to see you inside.