Networking with Darts

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The next time you go to a networking event, don’t forget your darts.

Even if you forget your business cards, be sure to have your darts ready.

What darts? Memory darts, of course!

Your memory dart is your 15-30 second introduction that gains attention, provokes interest, and makes you memorable. And it’s vital that we engage in that crucial “moment of truth,” because people will start tuning us out if we don’t earn their attention right away (this is true in sales presentations, websites, commercials, sermons – all forms of human communication.

It is your response to that inevitable question, “So, what do you do?” How many times have you had people respond to that question and leave you more confused than before you asked?

We don’t want to be that networking guy or gal.

In fact, my memory dart goes like this: “They call me the King of Clarity, because I help people and businesses with the two critical moments of truth.” Full stop.

Inevitably, of course, I’m asked what those two moments of truth are. I explain that we are participating right now in the first moment of truth – the introduction – which needs to be so effective that it can be passed on in the second moment of truth – a targeted referral to others.

And who doesn’t need more referrals?

I want you to know who I am in the shortest possible time frame. And I want you to be able to remember me when the right occasion arises.

Far better than the old “elevator pitch” concept, the memory dart grabs attention, creates a word picture in memory, and makes you stand out above all the other people who will be forgotten as their business cards are trashed the next day.

Our networking goal, besides helping others in their endeavors, is not just collecting names. It’s planting seeds. When nice, helpful people employ memory darts, we create an unpaid sales force. People who not only like us, but who know how to refer us.

By all means, bring your cards. But never forget your darts!

Steve Woodruff is known as the King of Clarity. In a world full of noise and distraction, Steve helps businesses craft a message so clear that they can be heard, remembered, and referred. In over 30 years of business experience, he has consulted with companies ranging from solo startups to Top Five Pharma. Steve lives in Franklin, TN, and is the father of five (boys). 

Photo by Alexander Muzenhardt on Unsplash

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