How to Get New Business From a Conference

How to get business from attending a conference

Ready to get new business from attending a conference? 

I'm excited because my Better Conference Networking course is now available. I created this online course to teach you everything I know about networking effectively before, during and after a conference. This is your chance to seriously improve the results of your conference or event networking. 

I have developed multiple downloadable worksheets to help keep you focused and measure your results. I also created nearly two hours of instructional videos to walk you through everything - step by step. You will be a conference networking pro after taking this course! 

Here is what's inside Better Conference Networking

Section 1: High-Efficiency, Targeted Networking. How to discover the best events & conferences.

Section 2: How to Prepare for Conference Success. How to research and connect BEFORE you attend using email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the good ole phone.

Section 3: Make a Lasting Impression with Ice Breakers & Active Listening. What to do DURING the conference to connect with new people and the right folks. 

Section 4: How to Reap the Benefits of Your New Relationships. What to do AFTER you attend. Following up is key, I'll show you how best to do it. 

I go into greater details about each section at


I've also already received some wonderful feedback from students. 

“You put your work and your life on hold to attend conferences and events — don’t waste the effort! The Better Conference Networking course will help your next conference become the one that catapults your career or pushes your business to the next level. Taking this course was like sitting down with a friendly networking expert over coffee and soaking up his time-tested advice. Don’t go into your next event without the skills you’ll pick up in Better Conference Networking.” - Pamela Wilson. 

"As an "extreme" introvert, I tend to avoid conferences as much as possible. The techniques Dave shared for pre-planning, during, and post conference were both easy to understand and not overwhelming. I also found the homework very helpful and found two potential local events to attend in order to practice my new skills. I am going to encourage my team to take this course before their next big event." - Mary Nunaley

"Dave is delivering practical, useful information here which is mandatory viewing for sending a team to a conference or tradeshow. I found tips and strategies here that I can apply to any networking situation, and I considered myself an "old pro"! - Vicky Knee.

"When heading out to a conference preparation is often overlooked, and, let's be honest, after a seminar or conference not everybody knows how to approach the connections made! This is a crash course on classy and successful conference networking." - Kitty Florido.

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This course took me many hours to plan and put together. I am so excited to finally share it with you. Visit to get started. Thanks.