How to Get LinkedIn Connection Requests Accepted

How to Get LinkedIn Connection Requests Accepted

Have you ever sent a connection request on LinkedIn and not had it accepted? Not being accepted can happen for a few reasons, like the person doesn't remember you or you are missing a profile photo. 

If you want to have your connection request accepted, you need to consider a few things. The person may not use LinkedIn frequently, so sending the request through LinkedIn is often not the best first move.

I often email the contact before I send them the connection request. In the email, I remind her who I am and how we met. Perhaps we met at a networking mixer or a conference. I use her email from her business card, or I go to her site to find her contact information.

I write a follow-up email within 24 hours of the conference, so I am still fresh in the person's mind. We all lead busy lives and if left too long, a person could forget who you are or where you met.

In closing the email, I add that I am going to send a connection request on LinkedIn. I explain that I am happy to provide them with an introduction to someone in my network should they need it. How’s that for value? Isn’t this better than just blindly sending the default connection request? 

After I send the email, I send the connection request via LinkedIn. I always avoid sending the default connection request. I send a personal message and refer back to the email. I will write something like, “Hi Michelle. It was a pleasure meeting you at XYZ Conference. Let’s connect on LinkedIn, please. If I can provide you with an intro to one of my connections, let me know. Cheers, Dave.

I always include my URL in the signature on LinkedIn, so the person can visit to learn more.

If Michelle does not accept my request after a couple of weeks, I will reassess. I will ask myself why I wanted to connect in the first place. Obviously, networking is key with LinkedIn. Michelle could provide me with an introduction to help my business or career. Perhaps Michelle isn’t that active on LinkedIn. It’s okay, because I still have her email address and can follow up that way.

One of the best ways to grow and nurture your professional network is by using LinkedIn. Now boasting more than 550 million users and a new user every two seconds, it’s clear that LinkedIn really is the professional social network. It makes sense to do everything you can to get connection requests accepted, so you can grow your network. 

Always put yourself in their shoes. What's in it for them if they choose to accept your request? 

Thank you for sharing.

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