How to Find The Right People to Connect With

Networking at NAMA

Late last year, I sent a survey to my personal email subscribers to learn about their biggest challenges with networking. My plan for Networking For Nice People is to address those challenges and provide good solutions to help you reach your goals this year. One of the findings from the survey is that you are struggling to find the right people to connect with. I want to help you with this.

When I moved from Toronto to Nashville, I didn't know many people. I didn't have a job lined up, so connecting with the right people was a priority. The first thing I did was a Google search for professional groups in the marketing business field. If you live in a smaller city, you may find a group for you doesn't exist yet. I plan to write much more about creating your own in the future.

Luckily for me, the American Marketing Association had a Nashville chapter called NAMA. I looked on their website and found the president of the organization. When I attended the event, I sought her out to connect with. We had a great conversation and she graciously provided me with introductions throughout the evening.

I wrote her a thank you email as soon as I returned to my office (a local coffee shop). In the message, I asked her if there was anyone else she thought I should meet. She provided me with a few more introductions, which led me to my first job in my new city.

Find New Clients or Get a New Job

If you are struggling with finding the right people to connect with to find new clients or to get a new job, I encourage you to do the following:

  • Search Google for local events and organizations in your professional space.  
  • Register to attend events.
  • Research who you should plan to meet at each event. You will meet many other people, but it is good to have a starting point. 
  • Show up. It's so easy to not bother showing up at of procrastination. Understand the event you are about to attend can land you a job. If you are seeking work, you better not miss it.
  • Follow up. I plan to write much more here on how best to follow up. Stay tuned for that. I also have some following-up tips prepared for you in the networking tips newsletter.

These five simple steps will help you discover the right people to connect with. Start right now.

Photo from Nashville AMA Facebook.