PODCAST INTERVIEW: How Nice People Network

Ian Altman is a brilliant guy. He's the author of two best-selling books, Same Side Selling: A Radical Approach to Break Through Sales Barriers (co-authored with Jack Quarles) and Upside Down Selling: An Integrity-based Sales Approach to Avoid Being Predictable. Ian is also a gifted speaker who I have had the pleasure to spend time with. 

Ian was kind enough to invite me to join him on his show to talk about how nice people network. Here's just a few of the topics we discuss. 

  • What “casino-style networking” is and why it’s a big bust.
  • The winning formula to networking effectively.
  • The biggest networking mistakes people make on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Tips and tricks to following up online with people you met in real life.

Enjoy the show!

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