PODCAST INTERVIEW: No Agenda Coffees & Nice Networking

Chris Ducker

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Chris Ducker a couple of years ago. We were both providing training during a full-day workshop on digital marketing hosted by my friend, Amber Hurdle

We have since kept in touch and shared the stage again. Chris is an out-going, funny, brilliant coach, author and speaker. He also happens to host a wonderful podcast called, Youpreneur How to Build, Market, Monetize and Grow a Successful Personal Brand Business. Chris invited me to join him on his podcast to talk about networking nicely. 

Here's some of what you will learn. 

  • We talk about the main catalyst when it comes to helping your audience.
  • Why your next step after showing up and making that initial connection, is to follow up.
  • How to provide value in-person within a conference setting.
  • How to start a collaboration off on the right foot.
  • Much, much more!

Why not head out for a walk or a run with your headphones on to listen to our conversation now? Or kick back with a coffee and hit the play button below. Enjoy our conversation and expect a few laughs along the way.

Don't forget to subscribe to Chris Ducker's Youpreneur podcast in iTunes. You can also find more show notes from our episode on his corresponding blog post, YOU216 – No Agenda Coffees & Nice Networking, with Dave Delaney.

Thank you for sharing.

"I consider myself to be quite good at networking, and this course gave me quite a few new tools for my toolbox! I put Dave Delaney's approach to the test in selecting and attending a conference less than 2 weeks ago, and I landed a new client. Now that's an amazing ROI! Thanks Dave!" - Lesley Antoun.

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