INFOGRAPHIC: Body Language

Ever wanted to read other people’s minds as if you were a superhero? Well, in some ways, this wish isn’t so impossible. The more you get into body language, the more you’ll understand what I mean. By learning gestures and their meanings, you can discover how a person is feeling—from insecurity to aggression.

Do you often see people changing their posture quickly? Or putting their hands in their pockets? Or maybe sitting in a careless pose while leaning back in a chair? With the help of this infographic, you can learn what possible meanings are behind each of these gestures.

Body language is a significant part of business communication. For example, did you know that even the way you shake hands can reveal your feelings? Or that you can boost your confidence naturally just by leaning back with your hands behind your head?

Even more: you can’t give a successful speech without a basic knowledge of body language. Even rhetorical masters have to learn how not to reveal their emotions on stage. Do you know what’s common between rapid blinking, touching your neck, and fidgeting? Feeling nervous or uncomfortable. And all these signs should definitely be avoided in any kind of speech.

Look at the infographic below for more info on how to use and understand body language.

Body Language Tips.png

Guest article by Daisy May Hartwell, a long-time member of the Custom-Writing staff. Combining her knowledge of Linguistics with her distinctive writing style, Daisy is an incredibly productive and diligent writer. A big admirer of National Geographic, she is always on the road getting inspiration for her creative writing.

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