5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

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Today is New Year's Eve. 2018 is literally just hours away. Are you ready? Here are five quick ideas to get yourself prepared to ring in the new year. 


Take some time to yourself to reflect on where you are in your career. Are you where you want to be yet? What’s keeping you excited? What are you dreading? What has lead to new business, and what has kept you from this? I recommend grabbing a notebook or pad of paper, pen and a coffee, to work on this for as long as it takes. You will quickly discover opportunities that can greatly improve next year.


Write out how much money you want to earn next year. Now break it down by quarter and again by month. Write out the figure above your desk, so you have the number in front of you all of the time. Being reminded of your financial goals will help you reach it. 

Review meetings

Flip your 2017 calendar back to January. Skim forward to the end of this year. As you do this, note each person you met with. Now is the perfect time to follow-up and schedule new meetings for next year. Even if they were simple no-agenda coffee meetings, they may amount to something more in the new year. Following up is paramount in networking. 

Review communication

Now scroll back through your text messages, Facebook private messages, Snapchat snaps, Twitter direct messages, and so on. Check in with those folks you haven’t heard from in ages. Schedule some web conference calls or in-person meetings to talk about what they are working on next year. Do the same and see if you can find opportunities to help them. Networking is a two-way street; now is the time to serve your community. 


I recently had a wonderful conversation with Dew Tinnin, the president and founder of Skillway. We were talking about the importance of scheduling time well. Tinnin reminded me of using a second calendar to schedule time blocks for specific categories of your business and life. For example, scheduling 9-12 Mondays for business development, 2-5 on Fridays for finance, and week nights from 5 to 8 pm for family. Doing this and sticking with it will help you stay focused and balance your time. You can check out my Killer Calendar here.

These are five ideas that can easily lead you to a prosperous and successful 2018. For more ideas, check out: networkingfornicepeople.com/best-new-year.


Thank you for sharing.

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