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Networking For Nice People | Connection + Collaboration + Community

Networking For
Nice People

Welcome, Nice Person.

Have you ever attended a high-pressure networking event that made you wish you could go home and shower? Did the people attending whip business cards at you like casino blackjack dealers? Was your inbox cluttered with spam the next day? Icky.

Networking shouldn't be so lame.

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Networking For Nice People Manifesto

Networking For Nice People Manifesto

Networking for nice people is a community of like-minded, kind, smart, connected people who wish to learn and economically and emotionally grow from one another. Networking is about connection, collaboration and community. We ask questions and actively listen. When we give, give, give, we get. We are honest, sincere and helpful. We provide mutually beneficial introductions for people who wish to connect. We build our networks before we need them. We gain respect by giving respect. We understand networking is a two-way street. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats. We gravitate towards the wallflowers and make them feel welcome. We get uncomfortable to meet and achieve our goals. We are fiscally responsible to the stakeholders in our lives. We live in the give. We spread kindness through knowledge and empathy. We balance in-person and online connections.

We are rebooting networking. Join us.

Hi, I'm Dave Delaney

 Photo by Kris Krug.

Photo by Kris Krug.

I'm a keynote speaker on business networking and social media, a digital marketing consultant, and the author of New Business Networking, a book all about improving your professional networking online and offline.

I co-founded two annual conferences, created two monthly networking events, and I love to help and connect people. I also love to perform improv comedy. I even teach businesses how they can use it in the workplace to improve communication and company culture. 

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my awesome wife, Heather, and kick-ass kids, Ella and Sam. If you ever hear me use the words, "y'all" and "eh?" in the same sentence it is because I'm Canadian. Toronto is my hometown, it's not called "The6" no matter what Drake says (sorry, that's just how I feel about it. :) 

I created Networking For Nice People because I am fed up with spammy, pushy people who think they can sell you things seconds after meeting you. I bet you feel this way too, right? Networking is about helping others first. It's about growing and nurturing relationships. That's why we are here together.

Do you want to improve your business or grow your career? Get better at networking. Check out our networking articles, resources, and talk to me about speaking at your conference or company event. Let's do this! 


Join Today

Networking For Nice People is a private community of like-minded people who wish to learn networking best practices and to support and promote one another. Join today for just $20 per month. Cancel anytime. 

Each week, Dave shares tips and advice on improving your networking efforts both online (using social media and content) and offline (attending events) to improve your business. Each month has a unique theme based on topics to help guide you on improving your networking results. The club is for dedicated people who wish to improve their careers, change jobs, start and grow businesses, and meet new nice people.

Why you should join us:

  • Connect with a discreet and professional group of talented, giving people. Your privacy is respected.
  • Participate in Facebook Live chats so you can gain fresh ideas on how to improve your networking.
  • Get teamed up with an accountability partner, so you can help one another succeed and grow together.
  • Share weekly goals and encouragement to meet those goals from a community of people invested in each other's success.
  • Provide your ideas, ask questions and get honest feedback, so you can learn from our collective brain trust. 
  • Submit your blog or site to be reviewed by the group. We will give you expert advice on best practices. 
  • Participate in Friday Shout Outs when we promote each other’s work (such as blog posts, podcasts, books, and social updates). Our promotion of your work gets it amplified to new audiences.
  • Members refer each other for business and employment opportunities. This leads to more business opportunties.
  • Receive exclusive discounts to products and services. 

Join for only $20 per month.

Cancel anytime.

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